Why choose smart bulbs for home improvement?

What? To turn on a light, you also need to unlock the phone, connect to Wi-Fi, and open the APP. It's so troublesome, it's better to just press the light on the wall!

Presumably, many people have misunderstandings about smart light bulbs in one way or another, but imagine the following scenario: lying in bed at night and playing with a mobile phone, drowsiness comes, touch the wall switch, and then no sleep; in the middle of the night after turning on the light in the toilet, it is full of dazzling lights; The baby is crying in the middle of the night, and suddenly turning on the light scares the baby...Smart light bulbs can effectively solve the above problems.

As a brand-new form of light bulbs, Gosund smart light bulbs have the lighting functions of traditional light bulbs, which are easy to install and save electricity. And correspondingly increase the embedded communication module, which can intelligently adjust the brightness and color through APP, infrared remote control, and one-key switch, which is more humane. After understanding the functions of smart bulbs, let's talk about how to choose smart bulbs.

White light/color light must be distinguished
The more common smart bulbs on the market include white light version and color light version. In terms of practicality, the color light version is higher than the white light version, and the price of the color light version is also more expensive.

The appearance of the white light version of the smart bulb is similar to that of ordinary bulbs, but its brightness options are more diverse. The color temperature value can reach 3000K-5700K (the price varies according to the price), and the various lighting modes can be easily adjusted by using the APP .

In addition to the white light for daily lighting, the color light version of the smart bulb has a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. The color temperature can be between 1700K and 6500K (the price varies according to the price) Adjust to create a different home atmosphere and better practicability.

Smart switch lights are more worry-free
The most worry-free thing about smart bulbs lies in their ease of control. Through its dedicated APP, you can easily grasp the strength of the light and open and close.

Generally speaking, smart bulbs mostly use Wi-Fi connection. It should be noted that the APP setting of the smart bulb should be simple enough, and the operation of multiple smart bulbs should be convenient enough to facilitate daily use. In addition, consumers should give priority to well-known large-brand products when purchasing smart bulbs, which are more excellent in terms of exclusive APP control and bulb quality.

The color temperature value is also a major factor in our selection of smart bulbs. Generally speaking, smart bulbs should have a minimum color temperature adjustment value of 3000K-5000K, which can meet the daily use in a variety of home environments.


Long life and energy saving are the last word
As an upgraded product of traditional light bulbs, smart light bulbs are also more excellent in terms of lifespan and energy saving.
Smart bulbs are more attentive in terms of workmanship and material selection. Generally speaking, to achieve the same lumen, smart bulbs require lower wattage, which is more energy-saving and energy-saving. In terms of service life, smart bulbs have a service life of more than 10,000 hours, which can effectively meet our daily use.
As the "first step" for smart homes, smart bulbs are not only highly playable, convenient to operate, long service life, and more affordable. If you are renovating or the traditional light bulb in your home is broken, you may wish to consider replacing the smart light bulb to easily light up your wonderful life.