What kind of smart home do you want most?

Now our lives are becoming more and more intelligent. Smart phones, smart computers, and even furniture are smart. The smart home appliances I want can be divided into many types, such as daily, food, bedding, and robots. Wait, think about everything you can do without doing it yourself. It is still very comfortable. They can help you solve some trivial things in life and save you time.

First of all, there will be an intelligent lighting system in the living room. Different lighting options can be selected according to different time periods. This is achieved through smart switches, smart bulbs and other products, so that you don't have to touch the lights in black when you go home from work. The switch, this is very practical, especially when going to the toilet at night, the light will automatically turn on, and there is a smart central air conditioner that can be adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature, whether it is summer or winter.

You can enjoy a cool and warm and comfortable environment. What is a hygienic problem? You need an automatic sweeping robot. Now there is it. It can help you remove dust and garbage on the floor. It's pretty good. The bathroom If I want a jacuzzi, the water can also automatically adjust the temperature, so it’s a wonderful thing to enjoy a massage while in the bath.

For the room, I think I need an automatic curtain. When I wake up in the morning, it will automatically open and act as an alarm clock. The effect is very good. If you want an automatic dishwasher in the kitchen, the last thing you don’t like to move after dinner is to wash the dishes. Now, I need a dishwasher that can help you clean the dishes and chopsticks.

Smart life has brought us a lot of help, and it has also made us dependent. It is better to do some things by yourself. Don't rely too much on smart devices.