What is the function of the smart plug?

The smart plug is one of the socket classifications. What is the use of the smart plug? Today, Gosund Smart Home will answer you one by one.


1. Interactive function

The smart plug is controlled by mobile APP, voice assistant, remote control, etc., and real-time display and control together constitute an excellent interactive function. Real-time voltage, current and power consumption, display the voltage, current and output power of the plug through the display screen on the plug or mobile APP, and understand the power consumption and power consumption of the electrical appliance in real time.


2. Control function

Home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, and air purifiers can be controlled using mobile APPs. If the entire system is connected, the mobile phone can be used to control the remote control appliances in the home anywhere. As long as there is a network, you can view the socket and sensor data in real time anywhere, and you can also use the infrared control function of the plug to remotely control the appliances that can be controlled.


3. Energy saving function

When the electrical appliances are in standby day and night, the power consumption is very large. The power consumption of multiple electrical appliances accumulates over time, and the power consumption for one year is very huge. As long as the automatic power-off function of the smart plug is used properly, the electricity bill saved in one year can buy another smart plug. It should be noted that the automatic power-off function of the smart plug is more suitable for remote-controlled electrical equipment such as TVs, set-top boxes, and air conditioners.


4. Safety function

The smart plug has safety functions such as anti-high voltage, anti-lightning, anti-leakage and anti-overload. When there is abnormal current, the smart plug will not only display or alarm in real time, but also automatically cut off the power to prevent leakage and electric shock.