What is the Best Smart Plugs and Smart Power Strips?

Nowadays, with the rise of smart homes, more and more people are choosing to use smart plugs and smart power strips to upgrade home electrical equipment, making their home life more smart and intelligent. So what is the best smart plug and smart power strip? How should we choose smart home products? Through the reading of this article, give the answer you want.


What is a smart plug?

Generally speaking, smart plug is a plug to save power consumption. The concept of energy-saving plug has been generated long ago and has been developed widely, but the technology still needs to be improved. Some high-end energy-saving plugs not only save electricity, but also protect electrical appliances. For example, gosund smart plug can be connected with handheld devices through WiFi, Bluetooth and other means. Its main functions are app remote control switch, voice control, multiple security, etc.

Gosund Smart Plug


What is a smart power strip?

Intelligent power strip, also known as intelligent plug-in, refers to the plug-in designed for intelligent devices with USB interface that can directly charge intelligent devices. Compared with the traditional five hole plug-in, the intelligent plug-in has made more improvements in appearance and performance. Most of the intelligent plug-ins integrate the traditional five hole Jack and USB interface, improve space utilization and work efficiency, and make it more in line with the use habits of contemporary people. Intelligent plug-in is an intelligent socket integrating safety protection, USB fast charging, power metering, APP remote control, voice control and other functions.

Gosund Smart Power Strip


What is the Best Smart Plugs and Smart Power Strips

A good smart plug and smart power strip generally have the following characteristics: app remote control, voice control, energy saving, safety, good quality and high cost performance. For example, the smart plug and smart power strip produced by gosund smart home are the best selling smart home products in the whole network, which are sold in e-commerce channels such as Amazon. the performance is good and the price is very cheap,because they are independent research and development,production and sales.they can really research and develop products from the perspective of customers,make profits to customers,and let customers obtain the ultimate cost performance and high-quality product experience.


Gosund smart plug and Gosund smart power strip products have the following features:


  • Voice Control: Smart plug and smart power strip compatible with Alexa and Google Home, control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply giving voice commands to Alexa or Google Home. No Hub Required, the smart plug works with any 2.4G Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.


  • Remote Control: Free app control the smart plug by your smartphone (iOS 8.0 or above/Android 4.4 or above). You can control the smart outlet at anytime anywhere. Only support 2.4GHz wifi.


  • Multiple Safeguards: Gosund Smart plug and Gosund Smart Power Strip with fire prevention and overload protection, also approved ETL and FCC certifications. Support 100~240V, 10A maximum load. Circuit breaker automatically breaks off when the current exceeds threshold, preventing plugged-in devices from damage. The PC V0 materials can protect your home safely.
  • Create Group & Timer: Add your home appliances to a group, and turn them on or off with one command. Set timers for appliances and let smart plug turn them on or off automatically at a certain time. Smart Plug can help you eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy consumption, and save on your electric bills and extend product life.


  • Set up Easily & Quality Assured: Simply plug your device into mini smart outlet and connect to App, a secured 2.4GHz WiFi network is required. If you encounter any problem or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we are committed to making it right for you.


  • USB Power Hub – Gosund Smart Power Strip WiFi surge protector features 3 USB charging ports, the total USB output is up to 3.1A. You can charge your cellphone, tablets, and other USB gadgets at the same time.


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