what is a smart light bulb?

The smart bulb is a relatively new type of bulb product. Compared with the traditional bulbs, it has added more advanced technology, which will become more convenient to use and have more complete functions. Smart bulbs are LED bulbs. As the mainstream, we pay more attention to the theme of energy saving and environmental protection when designing. In addition to environmental protection and energy saving, smart bulbs also pay attention to the compatibility of humanization and aesthetics. Considering that some users and friends do not know smart bulbs very well, we will detail today introduce.

First, what is a smart light bulb

Smart light bulb is a new light bulb product form promoted by Gosund, which focuses on the smart home industry. In the 21st century, LED design will be the mainstream, and it can also reflect the development trend of energy-saving, artistic, humane, and healthy lighting, and become the dominant indoor lighting culture.

Second, what are the characteristics of smart bulbs

Energy-saving: Smart bulbs are made of LED cold light sources and semiconductor lighting themselves without any pollution to the environment. Compared with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, the energy-saving efficiency of smart bulbs can reach more than 90%. Then, under the same brightness, the power consumption of smart bulbs is only one-tenth of that of ordinary incandescent bulbs, which shows that the energy-saving advantages are very obvious.

Linkage: Inlay the Internet communication module inside the smart bulb, which can effectively view the Internet access, then relying on the cloud service to enter the platform can connect to the user's smart phone, so that every user can know the smart bulb in the room at any time The working conditions, including the illuminance, color, power consumption and other comprehensive indicators of the smart bulb will be displayed, which is very convenient to use.

Socialization: Gosund smart bulbs also have social attributes. Because of its built-in IoT communication module, each user's color preferences and electricity consumption habits can be automatically synchronized to the cloud platform. In this way, users can know their own or other people's hobbies and better point-of-use strategies through their smart phones anytime, anywhere, so that they can better see complete social activities.

Humanization: In the 21st century, environmental protection, green, energy saving, and harmony have become the main theme of this era. The emergence of smart bulbs has deepened the relationship between humans and light, provided an interactive channel, and also subverted humanity’s light In the era of one-way control, the light intensity and voltage inductance sensors contained in the smart bulb can actively push better electricity and color strategies to the owner, and truly become a part of the user's family.

In today’s article, we mainly introduce information related to smart bulbs. You can see that we divide the content of smart bulbs into two aspects to expand. First, we analyze what smart bulbs are. After all, smart bulbs are A relatively new type of product, so it is more important to understand the basic information of smart bulbs. Then we begin to analyze the characteristics of smart bulbs. In modern society, smart bulbs must serve people better, so these characteristics are very important. necessary.