What is a smart home and what can a smart home do?

Smart home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, and automatic control technology to integrate facilities related to home life to build an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedules to improve home safety, Convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.

Simple understanding is to connect some of our usual home equipment (such as audio and video, curtains, air conditioners, refrigerators, monitoring, security, home theater, background music, lighting, etc.) together.

We set up some scene modes (going home, leaving home, going to bed, entertainment, etc.) so that these devices can be linked (such as home mode: you can make lights, air conditioning, TV, curtains, etc., only need one operation to perform linkage, no Each of us needs to operate) to simplify our use process.

The function of smart home

1. Anti-theft alarm

When someone approaches your house or intrudes illegally, the system will send out an audible and visual alarm, and automatically push information to the owner’s mobile phone to alarm. The owner can check the situation on the spot through the network camera and notify the property in time to avoid property loss.

2. Stay at home without worry

At home, you can control home appliances such as air conditioning, floor heating, curtains, lights, TVs, etc. with "one key", so you don't need to worry about finding various remote controls. Our smart home can help you eliminate tedious and repetitive operations in your life.

3. Comfortable lighting

Luxurious and luxurious decorations need lighting changes to embellish. Our smart home can adjust the brightness of the lights in the home at will, without any special requirements for the lamps, just one touch, you can achieve fantastic lighting changes.

4. Simply enjoy life

When you come home from work for a day and lie down to rest, you don’t need to get up, turn on/off curtains, turn on/off lights, turn on/off air conditioning, TV and background music, etc., which is easy. Just take out the phone and gently swipe the screen with your finger to complete it, everything is in the "hand" control.

5. Remote control

Remote control of residential electrical appliances through mobile phones or tablet computers, such as turning on the air conditioner or floor heating equipment before going home, will have a comfortable temperature environment when you return home.