What constitutes a smart home control panel?

Smart home is the trend of our future home life, which has greatly improved our quality of life and is becoming more and more convenient. So what products do smart homes consist of? The following introduces some control products that can be realized by the smart home control panel to help everyone better understand and use.

Smart home control panel-what is a smart home control system

The smart home control system is based on the smart home system as the platform, and home appliances and home appliances are the main control objects. It uses integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to carry out facilities related to home life Efficient integration, build an efficient control and management system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs, improve home intelligence, safety, convenience, and comfort, and realize an environmentally friendly control system platform. The smart home control system is the core of the smart home and the basis for the realization of the smart home control function.

Smart home control panel—a component of the smart home control system

1. Intelligent lighting system
Mainly realize the intelligent control and management of the lighting of the entire living space, and various intelligent control methods such as remote control can be used to realize the remote control of the lighting of the living space, such as remote control on and off, dimming, full on and off, and "visitors, cinema", etc. The realization of one-button lighting scene effects, like gosund smart bulb products, can realize a variety of color dimming; and it can be realized by multiple control methods such as timing control, telephone remote control, computer local and Internet remote control, so as to achieve Intelligent lighting has the functions of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience.

2. Smart electrical system
The electrical control adopts weak current control and strong current control method, which is safe and intelligent. It can use remote control, timing and other intelligent control methods to realize intelligent control of water dispensers, sockets, air conditioners, floor heating, projectors, fresh air systems, etc. at home to avoid drinking water The machine is heated repeatedly at night to affect the water quality. When going out, disconnect the power strip to avoid safety hazards caused by the heating of electrical appliances. Gosund smart plugs and smart switch products can effectively realize the switch control of smart electrical systems.

3. Smart shading system
The intelligent sunshade system is usually composed of sunshade blinds or sunshade curtains, motors and control systems. The control system software is an integral part of the intelligent shading control system, and is used in conjunction with the control system hardware. In the smart home system, the control software usually belongs to the part of the smart home control host software. A complete intelligent sunshading system can automatically adjust the angle of the curtain or make the overall lifting according to the changes in the surrounding natural conditions, and complete the intelligent control function of the sunshade blinds, which can block radiant heat, reduce direct sunlight, and avoid glare ,, and make full use of natural light to save energy.

The above are some of the control facilities that can be achieved by the smart home control system I introduced for you. I hope you can refer to it. If we need to buy and use smart home in the future, gosund smart home is a good choice. A good control system is very good. Importantly, I believe it will definitely bring us very good help in our home life.