What benefits does smart home bring to life?

For office workers whose life and work are very fast-paced, the time and energy to deal with housework is very limited. Therefore, a good home life experience directly determines the quality of our life. Compared with the traditional home life, the smart home life derived from new technology allows our home experience to enter a whole new world.

Smart broadband spurs the arrival of the smart home era

In the traditional household life, whether it is the switch control of household electrical appliances, house cleaning, or household chores such as cooking and washing dishes, all things in the house require manpower to operate. Not only will it consume a lot of time and energy, but more importantly, it will aggravate the exhaustion of office workers. Home is no longer a place that brings a sense of relaxation and pleasure.

With the development of technology, especially the upgrading of network technology, major changes have taken place in home life. This year, China Telecom has successively released smart broadband in many provinces. This brand-new concept has opened up a new direction for new-style home life. With the support of the stable and high-speed network of smart broadband, smart homes have the power to operate, and a brand new smart home life is coming.

What benefits does smart home bring to life?

1. In the morning, the curtains in the bedroom automatically open slowly, the light is soft and bright, and the background music slowly sounds, allowing you to wake up naturally in your sleep. The air-conditioning system in the room starts to change the wind, and the fresh outdoor air is sent to the room. Inside; when you wake up to wash, the nutritious breakfast has been prepared, and when the meal is finished, the audio will automatically turn off to remind you to go to work quickly; at night, the curtains will automatically close and the indoor lights will automatically turn on. All this is done by the smart home to help you.

2. In the evening, when you come home from work after a long day of get off work, you don’t need to find the key to open the door and turn on the light. The door lock will automatically open after recognizing the human face, and then a warm voice will sound in your ears: "Master, welcome home" , The sensor light of the entrance will automatically light up, air-conditioning is blowing in, and the air conditioner is cooled. Tap the "home" button, the "home mode" light scene is slowly activated, the background music is automatically turned on, and your favorite music is playing.. ....

3. Parents with children can see the child at home through the network video surveillance system even in the office, and chat with him, so there is no need to worry about whether the child will have unknown accidents when he is away. The smart home remote monitoring system can remotely monitor the situation at home in real time, and also has the function of real-time intercom.

4. As the elderly are getting older, their physical activities are not as good as before, so they always get up and turn on the lights, which is a bit difficult. With a smart home, there is no need to get up and sleep anymore. Whether you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed, you can easily control all the lights and appliances in the home through your mobile phone.

5. Background music is a necessary equipment for fashionable families. It is a leisurely thing to listen to music while doing housework and bathing. The smart home background music system can realize the free control of background music anytime and anywhere, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere for the family.

6. Home anti-theft is a problem that many families are concerned about. The smart home security system has indoor anti-theft, anti-robbing, fire prevention, anti-gas leakage and emergency rescue functions. Once your home has a gas leak or a thief enters the house, it will alarm The sound will sound automatically, and the owner will be notified in time.

7. The remote control at home, there are TV, VCD, air-conditioning, audio, etc., when there are too many remote controls, trouble will come. Sometimes I don’t know which one to use, sometimes when I want to use it. Can't find it. With a smart home, you don’t have to worry about too many remote controls. You only need to tap the "viewing mode" on your phone to turn on the DVD, air conditioner, TV, audio, etc. at home with one click. The control platform of the smart home can not only control infrared home appliances, but also all the lighting appliances in the house, so there is no need to run around to switch lights.

8. When you want to sleep, leave home, or wake up at night, you must turn on the lights one by one, and turn them off one by one, and if you accidentally forget to turn off the lights, you will have to trouble again. With the smart home, there is no more trouble. The unique one-key control of the smart home can set multiple modes. By pressing a button, you can turn on or off a series of lights or electrical appliances, which can easily achieve "meeting guests". "Dining", "Leaving Home", "Cinema", "Wake Up" and other modes, no longer need to switch electrical appliances one by one.

9. Children have poor self-discipline ability. They often watch TV or turn on the computer and don't want to sleep. With the smart home system, it is no longer a problem. Through electrical control, the electrical appliances in the children's bedroom are forcibly turned off at the specified time. , Let it sleep well. Babies do not sleep at night or turn off the lights. They can also be restrained by smart homes. Through the light control of smart homes, the lights will gradually dim and turn off gradually when the baby is not easy to detect. These controls can also effectively restrain adults.

10. On the way to work, I suddenly remembered that the TV has not been turned off. It doesn't matter. With a smart home, you can turn on or off the home appliances by simply turning on the control platform on your mobile phone. On the way home, turn on the water heater or air conditioner at home through the control platform on the mobile phone, so that you can enjoy hot water and cool air as soon as you enter the house.

Smart home is now no longer just gorgeous clothes, but also has many practical functions, which is a good helper for your life and home. Smart home provides users with intelligent solutions for the whole house that can be selected and customized freely through timing settings, multi-scenario applications, and device linkage, giving you a new vision and experience for smart homes.

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