What are the clever uses of smart plugs?

As people's requirements for privacy and convenience in home life continue to increase, smart plugs will become the next market explosion point. "Walking on the road, you can turn on the air conditioner at home, heat the water heater, and cook automatically by the remote control electric cooker. The smart plug can also help you control the electricity consumption of the home appliances, find the hidden dangers of aging and the leakage of electricity, and avoid the bad energy consumption of the appliances. Metering makes electricity bills more reasonable... "For ordinary consumers, enjoying the convenience and high technology brought by a smart home environment is undoubtedly an amazing life experience.

1. The smart plug breaks through the consistent image of the complex system of the smart home. With a smart phone and independent APP, you can remotely control the electrical appliances in your home anywhere in the world;

2. The smart plug has no complicated installation process, plug and play. The socket supports the mainstream Android/ios operating system, and you can realize free local control by downloading the application program;

3. The smart plug supports real-time status feedback, which can feed back the working status of electrical appliances to the client in real time, and supports the setting of multiple timing tasks. The mobile phone client controls multiple smart plugs;

4. After turning off the appliance, the only dual-core IC chip inside the plug will detect the current change online to realize automatic power off after a period of time. At this time, the working indicator on the plug will go out and the no-power state will be restored;

5. It has the functions of anti-lightning, anti-high voltage, anti-overload and anti-leakage. Once there is an instant lightning induction high voltage, the plug will automatically absorb the lightning induction high voltage.

Intelligentization is a hot topic in the 21st century. The electrical appliances are undoubtedly the most related to intelligence, and electricity is the main condition for the realization of intelligence today. The above is the more advanced Gosund smart plug, which may not be very popular now, but I believe that with the advancement of technology and the development of the times, more and more smart plugs will appear in our homes.