What are the benefits of a smart home?

It's 2021, now I will answer this question again. Let me first talk about my point of view: You can live a normal life without a smart home, but smart homes can indeed provide a good living experience. If you use it, you can talk about it.

When you are not using the smart home, you may think that manual operation is no big deal. I have been used to it for so many years.

When you start to use smart home, you will feel really good, but it can be so convenient. When I return to a house without smart homes, I feel uncomfortable and miss the goodness of smart homes.

The most important thing is to "change concepts". Many people think that using smart homes makes people "lazy". Isn't living a life just doing these trivial things?

In fact, another way of thinking: Smart home does not mean to make you lazy, but to free up time and energy to do what you really want to do and make more money.


1. Let the robot automatically sweep the floor every day and spend your time on increasing your sideline income. Isn’t it better than cleaning when you are exhausted from get off work every day?

2. Isn’t it better to cook with your lover and go out for a walk on weekends than cleaning at home?

3. Is it better to spend a few hundred yuan to install a smart door lock than you often forget to bring the key, and wait for your family to get home after get off work before you can enter the door?

Convenience brought by smart homes. In 2021, smart homes are no longer a “voice home”. With the development of technology, sensors are becoming more and more sensitive and low-power consumption, sweeping robots are becoming more and more intelligent, and smart platforms More and more perfect, more and more convenience brought by automation. Now you can experience the following:

1. When you get home from get off work, the smart lights in the hallway and living room will automatically turn on, and the smart speaker will automatically play your favorite music.

2. After entering the bedroom, the light in the bedroom will automatically turn on, and after a few minutes, the light in the living room will automatically turn off.

3. Soon after leaving the room, the room lights will automatically turn off, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights and wasting electricity bills.

4. When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, you don't need to smear and look for the switch. As long as you get out of bed, the night light will turn on. After you walk out of the bedroom, the corridor light will automatically turn on, and when you enter the toilet, the toilet light will automatically turn on. After going to the toilet and returning to the bed, the lights will go out automatically after a few minutes.

5. In winter, read a book or play with your mobile phone in bed, and you will go to bed when you are tired. You don't need to get up to turn off the lights. You only need to shout "sleep mode" and all lights will go out automatically.

6. Wait, there are a lot of application scenarios that just introduced the "automatic light switch", and there are many other things, such as automatic curtains, security, automatic cleaning, automatic air conditioning, water heater after get off work, and so on.