What are the applications of led lights?

What are the applications of led lights?Mainly include the following applications

(1) The application of the display screen and traffic signal display light source. LED lights have the characteristics of shock resistance, fast light response, power saving and long life. They are widely used in various indoor and outdoor displays. They are divided into full-color, two-color and single-color displays; traffic signal lights mainly use ultra-high brightness Red, green, and yellow LEDs, using LED signal lights are energy-saving and reliable, so traffic signal lights are gradually being updated.

(2) Applications in the automotive industry Automotive lights include the dashboard, audio indicator lights, switch backlights, reading lights and external brake lights, tail lights, side lights, and headlights. The LED has a fast response speed, which can remind the driver to brake early and reduce rear-end collisions.

(3) LED is used as LCD backlight source. Long life, high luminous efficiency, non-interference and high cost performance have been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machines, electronic calculators and credit card machines. With the increasing miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlights have more advantages.

(4) LED lighting sources replace traditional lighting fixtures. This replacement trend has begun to involve indoor and outdoor, commercial lighting, road industrial lighting and so on.

(5) Other applications such as electronic products such as mobile phones, digital players, computers, radios, etc.

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