What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart bulbs

Since the launch of smart light bulbs, consumers have mixed praises and criticisms, but from a functional point of view, the so-called smart light bulbs can achieve basic dimming functions, some also support adjusting the color of the light, and of course there are more functions, such as Combination with speakers, monitoring and other equipment. Some people are also worried that smart bulbs have radiation. In fact, in modern society, everything is radiation. For example, mobile phones, water cups, toothbrushes, etc. have radiation. But is this something you need to worry about? Obviously, these radiations are negligible and have no effect on people. Of course, smart light bulbs like gosund can also be controlled by mobile phones or mobile terminals, which provide more control methods in use, which can provide some convenience for daily life.

Smart bulbs use the commonly used interfaces of home lighting fixtures, and the installation method is the same as that of traditional bulbs. The installation and operation are convenient and worry-free. The bulbs are completely controlled by APP. Smart bulbs have the following characteristics.

1. 16 million colors can be changed at will, and there are four modes to choose from: flicker mode, rainbow mode, pulse mode and rainbow gradient.

2. Shake the phone, the light bulb will change color

Just shake the phone gently, 16 million colors change randomly.

3. Automatically in scene color mode

This smart light bulb also supports the use of your own pictures or pictures taken with the camera, and record the colors with the app's color tube, and then input them into the light bulb. From then on, as long as it is any color you see, you don’t need to know what kind of red and what kind of yellow it is. Just take a picture of it and pass it into your smart light bulb when you go home. The color of the world is you. of.

4. Timing mode

It is also a light alarm clock. Every morning, it will slowly light up at the time you set, allowing you to be awakened in a color you like, and getting up will no longer be so scary.

In addition, smart light bulbs may be more energy-efficient than ordinary light bulbs. The ordinary energy-saving lamp tube contains heavy metal mercury. Once the tube is damaged, the mercury leaks, which will cause certain harm to the environment and the human body. Gosund smart bulbs avoid this.

The function of the smart bulb is relatively simple, and the application is not complicated. Similar to other smart home products, it is also controlled by connecting the user's mobile phone. This way of use can be said to have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that when the user is lying in bed or going out, there are still lighting equipment in the home that has not been turned off, which can be turned off through the mobile phone; but the disadvantage is that if you want to control the light bulb, you Must be done through the mobile client.

Of course, smart light bulbs are also not to be left behind. Today, when crossovers are so prevalent, light bulbs also integrate other elements, such as crossovers with speakers and sensors, which can be said to have earned the attention of consumers. APP control, can also realize voice control, no mobile phone app is needed.

Since the design of smart light bulbs is usually modern, home improvement designers also fully consider the functions of remote control of smart light bulbs or wireless speakers. Therefore, many factors that have to be considered in the past have been omitted, the layout is more reasonable, and the space utilization is more adequate.