How to realize the smart home function?

Today, the emergence of smart homes has gradually changed people's living habits. With the development of technology, the experience that the smart home brings to users is getting better and better. However, with one or two smart home appliances, it is also unrealistic to buy smart speakers and live a smart life. To have a complete smart experience, what you need is not just a few smart things, but a whole-house smart home system. So, what is a smart home? How to realize the smart home function?

What is smart home

There are essential differences between smart objects and smart homes, such as sweeping robots and smart plugs. We can call it smart items. Gosund smart home is a system that can make your home smart and controllable. It needs to connect to all kinds of electrical equipment in your home, such as lights, door locks, curtains and other facilities, and then conduct centralized control to make your home smart. You only need to "command" home devices through the system host, mobile APP or voice control.


Smart scenario

Users can customize according to personal living habits: go home, leave home, eat, watch movies, read, study, music, entertainment, sleep, wake up, wake up, wash face, full lighting, full lighting, full curtains, full curtains Scenes such as opening, one-key arming, and one-key arming.

1. One key control

When you leave home, you can turn off all electrical appliances with one button, automatically protect, and open or close all curtains, all lighting and all windows with one button.

2. Scene switch panel

According to your own preferences, name the scene you want, such as viewing mode, sleep mode, etc.

3. Scene setting

Edit the name of the scene, such as home mode, away from home mode, meeting mode, eating mode, movie theater mode, night wake up mode, etc.

Smart lighting

1. Mobile phone remote control

In any room, use your mobile phone to control the switch, brightness and color of all lights.

2. Brightness adjustment

When the light is turned on, the light will gradually brighten from the darkness. When the light is turned off, the light gradually changes from bright to dark. Avoid sudden changes in brightness to irritate the eyes and protect eyesight.

3. Voice control

Use mobile phone voice and voice robot to turn on and off the lights and wake up the scene.

4. Fully open and close

Achieve one-key full-open and one-key full-off. Before falling asleep or leaving home, press the off button to turn off all lighting equipment.

5. Timing control function

Every morning, slowly turn on the light in the bedroom to the proper brightness. When the night comes, all lights are automatically turned off.

6. Remote control

Realize remote control of lights or scenes through mobile phones. This function can simulate the lighting situation of the owner at home before returning late or on vacation, confusing possible thieves, and can also turn off the lighting that is forgotten to turn off after leaving home.


Intelligent voice

1. Home appliance control, easy to use

Support voice control of home appliances, easily turn on lamps, air conditioners and other equipment.

2. Scenario execution, a one-sentence matter

The execution of voice-controlled scenes, romantic candlelight dinners, and sleep modes are just a word.

3. Local processing

It can control smart devices even after the network is disconnected.