How does the smart plug turn on the device

The emergence of smart plugs makes it more convenient for people to operate the plug, frees hands, and saves the trouble of frequent plugging and unplugging. The smart plug operation method is also simple, you can refer to the following experience.

1. First, you need to buy a smart plug. You can go to major e-commerce platforms or go to Gosund's official website to buy.

2. Take out the smart speaker at home, then plug it in. After power on, it will start to connect to the Internet, set the WiFi password, and make the speaker enter the working state.

3. After receiving the gosund smart plug, open the package, check the plug and read the instruction manual. Disassemble the smart plug, and then turn on the power, leaving the plug in its initial state.

4. Turn on the phone, then find the smart speaker, open it, and then click to add a smart home device, and then you can start trying to connect the smart plug.

5. Select to open the plug, then authorize, click to log in with the speaker account, so that the smart plug is connected to the device and the language can be controlled.

6. After the device is successfully connected to the network, the indicator light stops flashing and enters the working state. Plug the electrical appliance on the plug, and then start the voice call, the plug will enter the working state.

Smart small plug, smarter electricity use, plug control at any time through the mobile phone, electricity consumption is more energy-saving, safer and more convenient.