How do Gosund smart bulbs work?

With the continuous progress of society, people's demand for lighting products has also changed. People are concerned about the price and brand of lamps, but now people are paying more and more attention to functions and experiences. And the pursuit of high-quality life.


In the early days, Gosund focused on the field of smart electrical engineering represented by smart sockets and smart switches. In order to cut into the user's home entertainment, sleep and other life scenarios, Gosund has successively developed a series of smart lighting products such as smart bulbs, smart light strips, and smart bedside lamps.


When using a gosund smart bulb, users only need to connect the device to the home network and bind it to the smart speaker, and then they can use APP and voice to conveniently control the switch, brightness and color of the bulb. Smarter control methods allow users to truly feel the convenience brought by technology, and at the same time help families around the world save on electricity bills.

In Europe and the United States, family gatherings are more common, and creative lamps that can add to the atmosphere of the living room are favored by users. In order to satisfy the European and American consumer groups' pursuit of high-quality life, Gosund launched smart light strips in due course. The smart light strip can be freely cut, and the color changes with the rhythm of the music. When the user uses it with a smart TV, it can make the living room lively and interesting.

Not only in the living room, Gosund also extended his tentacles to the bedroom. Before going to bed, modern people generally read, play with mobile phones or tell stories to children. Traditional lighting cannot meet the needs of multiple scenes. At the same time, getting up in the dark in the middle of the night also brings a lot of inconvenience to users. Based on this, Gosund has introduced a stylish and easy-to-use smart bedside lamp, which integrates APP control, voice control and manual touch control and other control methods to create a more comfortable sleeping space for users.

Although traditional lighting equipment still occupies a large market share, we believe that with the continuous development of Internet of Things technology, changes in people's consumption concepts and the promotion of energy-saving lighting products by governments, smart lighting will surely be used by more and more users Accept, the market scale will continue to expand. In the future, Gosund will continue to deepen the product layout in the field of smart lighting, continuously improve user experience, and promote the progress of the global lighting industry.