Gosund WiFi Smart Wall Outlet WO1

Product Description
Gosund Smart Outlet, 15A Electrical Outlet with Energy Monitor, Wall Outlet Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Tamper-Resistant, Surge Protection, Easy install, 1800W

Product Features

  • Energy Monitor: Electricity usage monitor is designed in gosund smart in-wall outlet. Easy to review from the app and track the smart plug-in devices' power consumption, save money in real-time.
  • Voice Control: Gosund Smart wall outlet is compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Enhance your traditional devices home more intelligent with it. 2.4GHz WiFi required (not compatible with 5GHz WiFi).
  • Control on Smart Phone: Turn on/off, schedule or timer your appliances on smartphone anywhere anytime. Monitor energy consumption, share device access with families, group control devices together. 2 sockets could be controlled separately and together.
  • Tamper Resistant Design: The tamper-resistant design prevents childhood shock caused by tampering with electrical outlets. Gosund Smart Outlet Support the surge protection, circuit protection and flame-retardant shell. FCC certificated.
  • Easy to Install: Just need to identify and connect the wires on your gosund wifi smart wall outlet, and replace an existing outlet in as short as 10 minutes. Complete installation/wifi connection instructions included. The 24/7 customer service provides 100% technical support.

Why Choose US?

Energy Monitor---Built-in Gosund Smart Monitor make it easy to track the plug-in devices' power consumption ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, empowers you to save energy and find savings.

More Convenience---The Gosund Smart Outlet support Voice control, Remote Control, Time Schedule, etc. All function in 1 smart outlet. Make more appliance smart.

Safety---The safety of hardware and the flame-retardant materials have been tested by a large number of safety teams of professional R&D teams.

Energy monitor

Gosund Smart Outlet Track and control devices' power consumption on smartphone in real time, understand how much energy your home is using, when and where, empowers you to find savings.

Gosund Smart Outlet Voice control by Alexa and Google Assistant

Have you enjoyed the convenience of voice control?

The smart outlet works with Alexa and Google assistant, control your appliances via a voice commands.

Simply say:"Alexa, Turn on the....."

A lot of convenience for you and your family!

Gosund Smart Outlet Remote Control your device from Anywhere

2 smart plugs( controlled individually ) help you control the devices at home, no matter where you are!

Gosund WiFi Smart Wall Outlet WO1 Tamper Resistant Electrical Receptacle

The Tamper Resistant is designed to protect children from being shocked, which caused by tampering with electrical outlets. However, it will be still easy to plug your devices.

Support Multiple Safety Protection

Including the surge protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, etc. Take you and your family safety seriously!

Gosund WiFi Smart Wall Outlet WO1 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it need a neutral line? How could I know whether there is a neutral line?

Yes, it needs a neutral line.

The best way is to check the actual wires in the switch box, the neutral line is often going to be colored white, but it also may be other colors.

If there are multi-gang switches, that has a much higher likelihood of having neutrals.

If there is a wall outlet near the switch, most likely that switch box has a neutral.

If your house was built in the mid-1980s or later, there is an excellent chance that you have neutral lines in the box.

2. I have a dual wifi router, How could I use it?

The smart switch needs 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi only, not suitable for 5Ghz

If it broadcast only 1 signal, you will need to go to the Wi-Fi management and create a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi signal first, choose it and enter the password.

If it is broadcasting both signals, the 5G signal will be ignored. You’ll just choose the 2.4Ghz WIFI and enter the password of it.

3. How could I find the neutral wire and other wires?

First, the neutral wire is often white and capped together, tucked into powerline socket without connecting to anything.Ground Wire is always green or bare copper.If there is no ground wire, you could leave it alone. Live wire is often black, sending power to the device, could be easily found by an electric pen.

4. What's the size of the Gosund smart wall outlet?

The size is 4.72*2.75*1.62 in (120*70*41.3 mm). It can fit in all American standard cassettes.

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