Gosund Smart Plugs are Bringing the Future to Home Automation and Making it Easy to Manage Your Home

Remove the need for cluttering Smart hubs, cords, and random Blueray disconnections. Gosund’s Smart Plugs fit into every American outlet, providing instant access to your Smart devices, including Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.


Each plug is wifi enabled, using your wifi connection to connect to the attached device and to your Smartphone. Bring the power of smart-enabled devices into your entire home by purchasing a pack of 5 or more.

The Benefits of Choosing Gosund Smart Plugs over The Competitors:


  • Control your devices from anywhere using your Gosund app or voice control using your Smart speaker or phone.
  • Set a timer of your plugs to turn on at specific times, ensuring that coffee starts brewing in time for your morning breakfast.
  • Gosund Smart Plugs are fire-resistant, short circuit, thunder, overload, grounded, and over-voltage protected. That’s a lot of protection and a lot of peace of mind that your devices are safe with Gosund.
  • Easily install your smart plugs within seconds and begin tapping into the future of Smart technology from your very own home!
  • No bulky hubs required.


Why choose to go Smart?

We’ve been waiting for generations for the chance to say that we can let our house run itself. There are so many benefits for choosing to go Smart at home and installing Smart plugs is your first step to complete home automation.


What is a Smart Plug?

A Smart Plug plugs into any outlet before you plug in your devices. These devices, such as a lamp or coffee machine don’t need to be Smart-enabled. You can control anything you plugin through your phone or Smart speaker, effectively making everything you plug in Smart through association.


Smart plugs provide your home with full access to the internet so you can control your lights from the backyard, the basement, or from 1000 miles away. Save on energy costs by setting timers on all your devices for when you need them and even tracking your energy usage from specific outlets, so you can be even more efficient.


There are some extra perks to using Smart Plugs that can relieve the stress of managing your home. The cost is within budget for any family; you don’t need to be wealthy to use Smart Plugs.


  • Automate your Christmas lights to turn off and on so you don’t have to forgetfully leave them on all night.
  • Save on electric and hydro bills.
  • Find out which appliances are the most power-hungry and make smart purchases that will save energy more efficiently.
  • Turn off devices completely when not in use and limit the amount of power being drained even when a device isn’t in use, such as laptops and computers, televisions, printers, and phone chargers.
  • Turn on the air conditioner shortly before coming home so it’s at the perfect temperature for your arrival.
  • If you’re on vacation, you can trick burglars into believing someone’s home by turning on certain lights then others for a few minutes each night.


Remember, Smart Plugs are only the beginning! Imagine being able to control the density of your lights - or even the color! Turn your backyard into a peaceful oasis or dim the lights in your bedroom to add a little ambiance. Check out Gosund’s Smart bulbs available for purchase here.  Gosund has everything you need to make your home completely Smart and ready to automate - find out what Gosund smart plug has on sale here.


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