About Gosund Smart Home Introduction

As one of the leading brands in IoT smart home field, Gosund Smart Home develop, manufacture and market smart home products for decades, including smart Wi-Fi plugs, lights, switches and more. Help customers around the globe to experience the coolest and most cutting-edge smart home tech through the constant flow of our innovation, and enjoy a more futuristic life which is easy, convenient, and fashionable. So far, we have supplied over 30 countries, serving millions of consumers worldwide with top-quality products.

Scale: more than 500 employees and over 5 million users
Production capacity: more than 1 million per month
Revenue: 200 million in 2019
Patents obtained: more than 40 patents

Gosund Smart Home System
The three smart home systems of smart electrician, smart lighting and smart;
security are innovation-driven and market demand-oriented, which use AI voice;
built in, 2.4+5G dual-frequency and other core technologies to provide users;
with a smart, convenient, safe and energy-saving home lifestyle.


Gosund brings the smarter lifestyle for you. Every device can be
remotely controlled through the dedicated App and easily integrated into
smart home scenes. Turn on/off, change colors, adjust brightness,
personalized your schedules and more with cellphone from anywhere
and anytime