[Gosund X Tuya]100A WIFI Din Rail Energy Meter Smart Switch Remote Control AC 220V 110V Digital Volt Amp Kwh Frequency Factor Meter

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Brand Name: [Gosund X Tuya]

Origin: Mainland China


Measuring Energy Range: 0-99999KWH

Display Type: Analog and Digital

Output Voltage: AC85-265V

Model Number: AT2PW

Certification: RoHS

Power Supply: AC

Phase: single phase

Rated Voltage: 220V

Dimensions: 90.80*69.80*36.00mm

Operating Temperature: -10°C~+60°C

Accuracy Class: 1%

Max Operating Current: 80A - 99A

1.33 # TFT HD Color Display Guide rail type smart meters

 (Display Panel:1.33 inches TFT-LCD HD Display Panel Graphic 240X240 RGB Dot-matrix)

New product Mode 1: AT2P voltmeter with leakage protection function

Model 2: AT2P without leakage protection

Please upgrade to V1.10 via smart life app
Can display the latest interface display!

Firmware upgrade, WiFi networking

We will release new firmware from time to time, WIFI remote upgrade, please click on the upper right corner of the APP to view >> device upgrade >> update, you can upgrade the firmware

About alarm event notification settings


1. Are there any charges for data cloud?
A: It's free!

2. What APP is supported and where can I download it?
A: Currently Tuya APP and Smart Life APP are supported, which can be downloaded in major application markets (Google Play for Android, Apple App Store for IOS)

3. Does this currently support computer APP?
A: The WIFI version does not support computer APP, but the Bluetooth version can support computer APP (please check the description of the Bluetooth version for details)

4. What types of mobile phones are supported?
A: Currently support Android phones and Apple phones!

5. How big is the shunt?
A: The built-in 100A shunt does not require an external CT!

6. Is it single-phase or three-phase?
A: At present this is a single-phase electricity!

7. Is this product a 2.4G or 5G network?
A: This model is the WIFI version, supports 2.4G network, currently does not support 5G!

8. Regarding the relay, what is the difference between the WIFI version and the Bluetooth version?
A: Built-in 100A relay, WIFI version include relay, Bluetooth version does not include relay.

9. Does the product have power-off memory?
A: Data has power-off memory, switch mode has no power-off memory. Once the power is turned on, the relay is closed, and the screen will normally display on that the connection is not disconnected!

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Note: There are some minor changes in the icons in the product, and the main functions will not change. Please focus on receiving physical objects! Thank you for your support!

Product List

1. AT2P voltmeter without leakage protection function not include Induced current coil X1
2. User Manual x1

Product List

1. AT2P voltmeter without leakage protection function include Induced current coil X1
2. User Manual x1